Fleet Asset Tracking

How many vehicles do you need to track?

Asset tracking is a method of keeping track of physical assets using technology like GPS. This can include monitoring the location, movement and condition of a range of items, including vehicles, equipment, tools and more. The primary aim of asset tracking is to improve efficiency, cut costs and enhance the overall security and accountability of the assets being monitored.

An asset tracking system typically includes software that allows users to view the location and status of assets in real-time, as well as generate reports and alerts when assets are moved, used, or in case of any other defined events. The system also allows to set up maintenance schedules, expiration dates and to monitor the asset’s condition and performance.

Asset tracking can be used in a variety of industries and applications, including transportation and logistics, manufacturing, construction, and retail.

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Some dash cams also include additional features, such as GPS to record the car’s location and speed, or a built-in microphone to record audio. Some of the more advanced dashcams have the ability to be connected to the internet, Wi-Fi, or even have a 4G capability. This allows to stream footage to your phone or even backup footage to cloud. It also allows some functionality like remote access, remote live stream, or notifications of specific events like collisions, or speed violations.

Dash cams can be useful for a variety of reasons, including providing evidence in the event of an accident, catching reckless drivers, or even recording a scenic drive for posterity. Some people also use dash cams as a security measure to deter thieves or vandals from breaking into their cars.